So Mimi Faust of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta took a very unoriginal idea and ran with it. Yesterday it hit the news everywhere and became one of the top searched videos as well as the butt of several “shower curtain” jokes she dropped a sex tape. I haven’t sat down to watch the video YET but from what I’m hearing, it’s reported that she surpassed Ms. Kimmy in her attempt to gain notoriety.

This isn’t a surprise celebrities doing whatever they can to get attention and of course the new season of LHHA starts soon the numbers are sure to pop. I’m a feminist and I believe we should be able to play on the same field with men with the same rules. Honestly the only place I will not exert my femininity is with my husband so in no way do I knock what women do to get ahead. However, I personally have done things that I have such a hard time forgiving myself for. I cannot imagine how these women feel when they wake up in the morning and it smacks them in the face that this is what they gave away for the price of fame. The cars and homes and status have replaced morals and good reputations and no one seems to care. I tip my hat and scratch my head. Never will I judge, on the contrary I am a Kim.K fan she recently made a comment on twitter stating that she puts Jesus above everyone including her fiance “Yeezus” and baby North. That statement lets me know that she must ask for forgiveness for the things she’s done to reach the height of fame she has but boy would I love to sit and have a private conversation “off the record” with these ladies. Although many of us ask for forgiveness from our higher power, is it as easy to live with ourselves? I wonder how they do it….