So you just realized your size 8 is PS….



Are you seriously upset by the comment? She gave me a look that made me nervous and reach for my mace, when I told my girlfriend she was plus size like it was a curse word.” It doesn’t define who you are” I said  just what size clothing you wear.

I know women who will scream to the gods that they are not full-figured because they don’t shop at Ashley Stewart or Lane Bryant. Ladies it’s ok. Do you know how many woman secretly wish they could be a solid 8 or 10?

I was once a size 22 and through hard work and determination I lost about 100 pounds and was a size 10. By hard work I mean faxing, emailing and phone calls to my insurance company and by dedication I mean trusting the doctor who removed half of my stomach. I cheated, I had gastric bypass surgery in 2009 and I did it not because I hated my fat self. I did it because I was unhealthy and at 26 years old couldn’t walk my son to school around the corner without running out of breath.

I know women who are the size I use to be  and they have a clean bill of health and are exercise goddesses, women who participate in runs, do yoga and eat healthy. They are just plus size women. So I paid my deductible and went under the knife for my health and I’m still a size 12, still Plus Size (PS). I’m a happy, confident and oh so beautiful plus size lady. Girl embrace your size 8, you just made it in to our exclusive PS club. Lucky you!