Ki’s Bio

Do you believe in second, third chances? As a child Shekinah Flowers-Anderson  was raised in the city of Reading, Pennsylvania. Being the child of drug addicted parents and the oldest of three children she took on the role of “mother-sister” to her younger siblings. At the age of 14 she became a parent herself, dropped out of school attained a GED and became a mother again at 16. She had her last child at the age of 19. By the age of 29 she was a widow and single mother to four children. This was her second chance, with a deceased husband who was heavily into the street life but the love of her life now gone she decided to make some changes.

Shekinah relocated to Montgomery County in 2006 with the help of many agencies and some amazing women she went back to college and obtained a degree in Communications. Shortly after she began a career with the local YMCA as an administrative assistant. In 2009 Shekinah was in a near fatal car accident and was blessed enough to walk away with minor injuries ( third chance) After 4 years as an administrative assistant,  she decided she would go back to her first love as a hair stylist so she attended The Vision a Paul Mitchell School and obtained her Cosmetology license. While doing hair Shekinah met Authur Burgest III who told her about a program that would teach her how to walk a runway and would become one of her runway coaches in the Smooches program.  With that information she enrolled in the Smooches program and not only did she learn to walk a runway but she learned so much about herself. She began to work on her confidence and building a strong network of focused and positive people. Along the way she also learned how to let go of the not so positive relationships.

Upon completing the program Shekinah interviewed for a show that would be geared towards and an extension of the Smooches program she loved. She was picked for the part of co-host and along with Dayna Kelley began hosting The Smooches Show, an online weekly show geared to empowering the full-figured woman. With that she grew her network even more and was blessed to appear as a guest on “Single on a Saturday Night” with popular Host Shelley Shell Williams. That is where she got the boost and inspiration she needed to pursue her television career.

Verbally Loose is Shekinah’s unreleased efforts as a Talk show host on local Philadelphia Television.

Shekinah is currently a Blogger and she is working on her first book her goal is to become a household name in the Talk Show Host arena, a respected business woman and raise a strong, healthy and successful family.


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