Are you a “Type”?

Do you date men who ONLY date full-figure woman?
I know we all have a type or types that
we prefer when dating we like, what we like but, have you ever been looking at your friend list on the The Book and keep seeing the same guys face pop up on all of your curvy friends list also?

I know there is an extensive list of people involved in this here awesome world of ours we have photographers, designers, artist and so on but what about the guy… know the one who is well-known in every chubby circle.

Is he a groupie? Or does he simply likes what he likes.
I’ve had this conversation with several friends and family members. I even had one cousin who referred to this one guy as “The chubby chaser” I’m never offended, always proud so it was cute to me when she told me I was one of “them” laughing out loud!!!

Seriously though how many times do you hear a man say a woman is not his type because she is thin? How many thin woman are running around trying to get a little extra weight on them because pleasantly plump is popular?

I want to hear from my curvy ladies…do you date men who only date plus size woman? Do you feel like just a type?  


I woke up like this, I woke up like this!! FLAWLESS Gabifresh is just that!!!

I am officially part of the Gabifresh Crew!!! Being a Curvy blogger has been my most interesting and fun career move as of yet and boy it just got spicy. Fellow Blogger and curvy diva Gabifresh has done what so many of us imagine doing in our head but just don’t have the gusto to get it done.

Let me first say that I am not a fan of the booty popping, twerking epidemic that is going around. Don’t get me wrong….everything in moderation and I’m all for a good time but the images of full-figured women getting attention by popping that *ss is played out and should be put down. Gabi and her crew presented the exact opposite.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s  verse on Flawless says  “We teach girls to shrink themselves to make themselves smaller” we curvy girls can take that literally . We are taught from children that we are wrong for being larger than other girls. That we should be ashamed of ourselves. Chubby is a nice, bad word  and fat is a bad, bad word. Are we teaching our girls to be unhealthy? NO! The list of women who are plus size and have their own exercise programs and health food classes are endless. 

Full Figured doesn’t equate with lazy, and classless in fact the women I have the pleasure of meeting, knowing and working with are some of the classiest by far they hold themselves to a certain standard and it is something I strive for each and everyday ( It’s a task at times).

Gabi, Tess and Nadia kudos and a standing ovation! You ladies represented you did it classy and sexy. Take a minute to watch these ladies in action.  Continue to be flawless and add a touch of class and sass! xoxo Ki

So you just realized your size 8 is PS….



Are you seriously upset by the comment? She gave me a look that made me nervous and reach for my mace, when I told my girlfriend she was plus size like it was a curse word.” It doesn’t define who you are” I said  just what size clothing you wear.

I know women who will scream to the gods that they are not full-figured because they don’t shop at Ashley Stewart or Lane Bryant. Ladies it’s ok. Do you know how many woman secretly wish they could be a solid 8 or 10?

I was once a size 22 and through hard work and determination I lost about 100 pounds and was a size 10. By hard work I mean faxing, emailing and phone calls to my insurance company and by dedication I mean trusting the doctor who removed half of my stomach. I cheated, I had gastric bypass surgery in 2009 and I did it not because I hated my fat self. I did it because I was unhealthy and at 26 years old couldn’t walk my son to school around the corner without running out of breath.

I know women who are the size I use to be  and they have a clean bill of health and are exercise goddesses, women who participate in runs, do yoga and eat healthy. They are just plus size women. So I paid my deductible and went under the knife for my health and I’m still a size 12, still Plus Size (PS). I’m a happy, confident and oh so beautiful plus size lady. Girl embrace your size 8, you just made it in to our exclusive PS club. Lucky you!




What’s on my mind…. I really want to write how I feel on my blog and not what I think people want to read and since I feel like people are going to read if they want and scroll past if they want I’ve decided I cannot please anyone but myself.

Having a discussion with a woman I admire for her ability to leave her job and start a business with her husband, we were discussing my blog and what people want to read. She went in on truth, that people want gossip and drama and such. My stomach started to turn as I thought about what I needed to do and how much I dreaded doing it and then I said. That’s not my thing, I can’t give ya’ll gossip and drama every blog not even most of the blogs that ish plain tires me.

I really just want a plus size platform.  I want to bond, supply jewels of creativity and knowledge and create with like-minded women. I’ve decided to give my blog my raw thoughts. My only concern is am I proud of it. Read, Scroll Whatev’s….. or comment and let’s get it.
PS Ki xoxo

My chat with MS. Gwendolyn DeVoe at C.U.R.V.V (A Fashion Exhibit)

In this video for my unreleased talk show Verbally Loose I was able to attend a groundbreaking event C.U.R.V.V presented by Philly Fashion Designer ChaCha N’Kole and DesignPhiladelphia this was the first ever museum exhibition to highlight full-figured high-fashion as well as an original fashion short film produced jointly by ChaCha N’Kole and TsiTsi P. Productions. I had the pleasure of chatting with Ms. Gwendolyn DeVoe the Owner of DeVoe Signature Events and the powerhouse founder of Full Figure Fashion week in New York. Currently in its 6th season, in this interview we talk about what’s to come for the inspirational self-made mogul.



So Mimi Faust of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta took a very unoriginal idea and ran with it. Yesterday it hit the news everywhere and became one of the top searched videos as well as the butt of several “shower curtain” jokes she dropped a sex tape. I haven’t sat down to watch the video YET but from what I’m hearing, it’s reported that she surpassed Ms. Kimmy in her attempt to gain notoriety.

This isn’t a surprise celebrities doing whatever they can to get attention and of course the new season of LHHA starts soon the numbers are sure to pop. I’m a feminist and I believe we should be able to play on the same field with men with the same rules. Honestly the only place I will not exert my femininity is with my husband so in no way do I knock what women do to get ahead. However, I personally have done things that I have such a hard time forgiving myself for. I cannot imagine how these women feel when they wake up in the morning and it smacks them in the face that this is what they gave away for the price of fame. The cars and homes and status have replaced morals and good reputations and no one seems to care. I tip my hat and scratch my head. Never will I judge, on the contrary I am a Kim.K fan she recently made a comment on twitter stating that she puts Jesus above everyone including her fiance “Yeezus” and baby North. That statement lets me know that she must ask for forgiveness for the things she’s done to reach the height of fame she has but boy would I love to sit and have a private conversation “off the record” with these ladies. Although many of us ask for forgiveness from our higher power, is it as easy to live with ourselves? I wonder how they do it….