PS…What It’s About

Ki’s FlowerBombs is my forum to present my interviews, conversation, pictures and comments regarding fashion, beauty, entertainment and events in the lives of full figure women.  As a former full figure model ( I did a few shows and some events) I found that I loved the world but I was not a great fit for modeling. I met some amazing people who helped me realize that my strongest talents were in hosting. This became my new love and eventually I went back to what I loved as a girl…writing. My new blog Ki’s FlowerBombs was created with the goal to promote an organization in the Jacksonville,Fl and surrounding areas for full-figured women to build confidence, awareness and promote fundraising and volunteer opportunities. My blog will have interviews and video as well as stories about women who fit the standard criteria to be labeled full figure by standards. Stay tuned for upcoming events (Coming October 2014) . I will keep you informed of all things full-figured, plus size and pleasantly plump (as I refer to myself) with a dash here and there of straight fashion and entertainment. This is a blog for everyone but again my forum to keep all us PS Beauties up on what’s what and where it is. I hope you enjoy reading,watching and listening….. and please comment. Lots of love xoxo


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