Are you a “Type”?

Do you date men who ONLY date full-figure woman?
I know we all have a type or types that
we prefer when dating we like, what we like but, have you ever been looking at your friend list on the The Book and keep seeing the same guys face pop up on all of your curvy friends list also?

I know there is an extensive list of people involved in this here awesome world of ours we have photographers, designers, artist and so on but what about the guy… know the one who is well-known in every chubby circle.

Is he a groupie? Or does he simply likes what he likes.
I’ve had this conversation with several friends and family members. I even had one cousin who referred to this one guy as “The chubby chaser” I’m never offended, always proud so it was cute to me when she told me I was one of “them” laughing out loud!!!

Seriously though how many times do you hear a man say a woman is not his type because she is thin? How many thin woman are running around trying to get a little extra weight on them because pleasantly plump is popular?

I want to hear from my curvy ladies…do you date men who only date plus size woman? Do you feel like just a type?  


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  1. My guy has a type. He expresses all the time how he would never date a “skinny chick”. and people that know him and see him in the street with me always think i am his daughter’s mother or his ex. because people that know him say that all his girlfriends look alike. personally, i don’t think i look like them in the face, but just because we are all thick and light skinned. it doesn’t bother me one bit if i am his type. he is my type also. i have always only dated tall, athletic looking men. in terms of body weight and height, he is similar to my ex. i don’t think he minds 🙂 Not a big deal to me.

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