What’s on my mind…. I really want to write how I feel on my blog and not what I think people want to read and since I feel like people are going to read if they want and scroll past if they want I’ve decided I cannot please anyone but myself.

Having a discussion with a woman I admire for her ability to leave her job and start a business with her husband, we were discussing my blog and what people want to read. She went in on truth, that people want gossip and drama and such. My stomach started to turn as I thought about what I needed to do and how much I dreaded doing it and then I said. That’s not my thing, I can’t give ya’ll gossip and drama every blog not even most of the blogs that ish plain tires me.

I really just want a plus size platform.  I want to bond, supply jewels of creativity and knowledge and create with like-minded women. I’ve decided to give my blog my raw thoughts. My only concern is am I proud of it. Read, Scroll Whatev’s….. or comment and let’s get it.
PS Ki xoxo



  1. First and formost, you look STUNNING in your pictures! I am loving that dress and love the way it compliments your curves! Secondly, congrats on choosing to make a decision to not follow the norm, but to write about what’s passionate to you! That’s what people want to hear and the RIGHT people will gravitate to your blog because of it! Lastly, always be authentically YOU! The whole world would be at a disservice if your not! Love ya to life beautiful!!! Smooches!

  2. Raw is best. I’ve read a few posts and your candidness made me smile. I added a text widget to my blog a few days ago. It’s purpose was to inform others that I don’t hold back. Not that anything offensive is stated but if I’m felling upset, suicidal etc, I share it. Because otherwise, there’s a point in writing. At least not for me.

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