With the recent story concerning DeSean Jackson I felt compelled to comment on it. I didn’t feel this way because it’s a great story or because I’m a fan of DeSean or football for that matter, I’m neither. However I am a woman with a past (who isn’t). I want to tell what it is I see…. a talented young man (from what I hear) who is affiliated with a few men who are affiliated with a gang. It sounds like six degrees of separation to me. I would love for anyone who is not “affiliated” with some who is “affiliated” with some one who has done something unethical or even committed a crime to please stand up……. I’m still waiting.

In my past I have not only had my run ins but I also had plenty of friends who had and are still having run ins with the law. Most people did not come home from the hospital with a outline of what their lives would be. Had I known I wanted to be a writer would I have made different choices… maybe. However I feel that it was my life, connections, affiliations and friendships that helped mold me into the person I am. Just because I am in a profession and no longer concerned with the life I previously lived does not mean I don’t love and appreciate the people who I knew along the way.

Do I think Mr. Jackson should use his time more wisely? Yes Indeed. I also believe that consideration should be given to us folks who come from what we know as normal and others feel is the “hard” life. Some counseling, maybe a mentor, however he can’t help who he grew up with and loyalty (to a point) should be given to those who helped ,mold him into what I hear is a talented football player. 

Let him play, work on everything else silently. The same consideration that is given to the talented onscreen drug addicts should be given to our young men who by the grace of god and the “hard” life were able to make it out. #teamdeseanjackson



  1. Yes I do believe this was unfair but unfortunately he is being judged by someone in power that he did not please. This man has been running around for many years with the same crew, he just has a coach who would rather win then to mentor and be their for young athletes. People were so quick to throw him and Vick under the bus but Riley Cooper was caught on tape referring to black men as N****s, where is he still on the Philadelphia roster. Unfortunately the world we live in chances are given to those thay rise to the occasion for others. Never once did they take into consideration he started to depend on and fall back into his old crowd after his father passed away, he had a mentor in Michael Vick but again because he didn’t produce out the door he went. Unfortunately sports are all about politics no family value any more… Awesome read once again!

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