“Ride or Die”?

I have to say in recent years this is a term that has died down a bit. When I was in my twenties “ride or die” was a way of life that many chose to be a part of. There were songs, books and movies about loyalty and how far woman would go for their men. We called it “ride or die”, the older folks called it “stand by your man”. I wonder if back then stand by your man included supporting him in his illegal activities. When I say illegal activities most minds immediately go to drug activity, murdering and the like of the streets, “thug mentality”. That’s atypical.


My questioning is going beyond that. Having a partner/spouse that is part of a corporation, organization or company and they confide in you that they are doing unethical or even illegal things to move to the top and to go a step further they involve you in this debauchery.


I was watching on of my new favorite shows recently “House of Cards” and in it the wife and husband team have a plan. So far ( I’m catching up) the show hasn’t shown when and where they made this plan but you can assume that the goal is Presidency. Working together as a team (him being the leader) they do whatever it takes to reach the goal. They are a team in the truest sense of the word, I mean they know of each other’s extramarital affairs and are okay with it as long as it enables them to reach “The goal”. While this makes for great entertainment, it leaves me wondering. How many of us, men and women go above and beyond break laws, push our morals and beliefs to the wayside for our mates.


Is it acceptable to support your mate when you know the things they are doing are unethical or illegal to help them succeed.



  1. Once again another great read, I personally do not condone “ride or die” in an illegal aspect. Have I always been against it no, but as a woman/wife/mother. I feel that male or female putting yourself in a position to be taken away from your family is not right and anyone willing to put up with it is better then me. I’m not willing to ride or die while having to pray I don’t get left out in this world without my other half.

  2. I love this…because it brings up what to me is a mark of maturity changing the role from ride or die to standing by your man-when we are young I thinking “riding” is acceptable to an extent because you don’t know better yet. Once you know better you have to do better…or suffer the consequence. I love my man unconditionally and am there for him 100%, but should he choose a path that leads to illegal, immoral activities…I will have to love him from a distance because I am not risking my freedom (or even my salvation) for any man.

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