Unconditional Self~Love

Unconditional Self~Love

Love is a word that is used so often. It seems to roll off our tongues as if we are saying hello, or good morning. I was watching a commercial where a lady brings the men at her workplace something for breakfast and the one man said “I love you” not until the other men looked at him sideways did he even realize he said it. The commercial was so funny to me because I have been guilty of doing this. I can be on the phone with someone and have had a awesome conversation, they may have given me some advice or confirmation and I’m so elated before I know it we are hanging up and I say “love you”.

Not until I was having a day where I was beating myself up for yet another bad decision I had made, did I realize that I can love other’s unconditionally but I never give myself the same treatment. I have talked friends and family through bad decisions and bad days and I know the things I am telling them are not only to make them feel better but they are the truth. We all make mistakes and everyday is a fresh start that our creator is allowing us to do it better.

I believe that the people who are meant for the greatest go through the hardest. This is our creators way of making us come closer to him. I mean we already know that we are strong, smart, creative…whatever our gift is, I feel we can become a bit cocky or feel we can do it on our own. Then it happens we make yet another mistake or a bad decision and we beat ourselves up way more then the outside world does….if we think so much of ourselves why can’t we afford ourselves an occasional screw up?

Why can’t we give ourselves the same unconditional love we show to others?


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  1. You are so right. I know that I’m quick to forgive others but not myself. You just made me realize that when I say to God, “Please forgive my sins as I forgive those that have sinned against me,” that I need to remember to include myself as one of “those that sinned against me.” I am at times my biggest enemy. I hold me back. Thanks for this insight!

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