K&K Vogue

K&K Vogue

Soooo… it has finally happen. April’s issue of Vogue will be graced by today’s “it” couple. After his remarks where he compared his fiance to our FLOTUS Kanye does it again. I must say that whatever the man wants he seems to get. The midas touch much Ye…

Being a fan of Vogue and it’s editor in chief Ms. Anna Wintour I would love to know what was going through her mind as this issue went to press. If the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” was in fact based off of the life of Ms. Wintour I want to picture her with the pursed lips as her team presented the idea to her.

In the past I have been one of the many who asked what exactly is was that Kim. K does. What has made her famous (besides her sex tape) since then I have become a fan and I also have a certain respect for the woman. Not only did she take a position as a stylist and turn it into a full on multi-million dollar brand. She brought some friends and family along and did it with grace all while being called everything but a child of god. Kudos to you Kim, enjoy the spotlight doll. You deserve it and can you please tell your fiance he needs to bottle whatever mojo it is that he has because I would sell a kidney for that type of juice.

xoxo Ki



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