“This is a mans world”



In 1966 this saying may have meant something but the tables have turned and women are running households’, business’s and building families together with only a withdrawal from the “bank” or the help of a male friend. This is definitely “A woman’s world”. Next in line will be President Hilary Clinton and Olivia Pope has made the President her “jump off”.

The thing however that has not changed is the rate at which men are stepping out on their wives and significant other’s. Open marriages are becoming the norm there has been talk about Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett, Rapper T.I. and his wife “Tiny” and a host of others participating.

The era of the insecure man is at an all-time high and we wonder why. Men need more and more woman to compensate for their insecurities because at the end of the day, they feel they are obsolete. They can easily be replaced by another man, woman and the new man “man’s best friend”. Yes women are replacing the love of a man for the unconditional love of a dog.  

No, I don’t think the rise of women can be used as an excuse; men have and will continue to do as they please when it comes to infidelity. However I do believe there is a large population of single woman and married woman who aren’t getting enough attention from their men, so they overcompensated their love with their own sons and somewhere along the lines they created these “monsters” that believe they are worthy of all the praise and glory that their mothers gave them. Now we are stuck with “mama’s boys”. Men who believe they are gracing you with their presence. When in actuality they feel inferior to today’s woman so they need a pack of other woman to make them feel like the big man.

What do we do? Do we continue the cycle and overly praise and compliment everything they do and pray that it’s enough to keep them faithful? Or do we pull up our Vicky’s Secret’s and LaPerla’s and demand better? Is it possible or are we stuck? 



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